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Vreni Gurd


It takes the fusion of functional movement, quality nutrition and good lifestyle habits, such as adequate sleep, a relaxed attitude, and a passion for life to be optimally healthy and full of vitality.

Customizing the ingredients to make the recipe work for you can often be the only difference between feeling fully alive, and simply getting through the day.

By using thorough assessment tools Vreni can determine which of your body systems are struggling, which movements you find difficult and why, and through nutrition and lifestyle coaching, manual therapy, and movement re-education she can help you regain abilities lost, or acquire new skills and strengthen for specific goals.

As a Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist (C.H.E.K.) Level 3 Practitioner, C.H.E.K. Level 2 Holistic Lifestyle Consultant, Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor, and visceral / neural manual-therapist, Vreni's current practice involves customizing nutrition, corrective movement with soft-tissue work in order to help people transition from pain and poor health to feeling better and moving with more ease.

Joan Santopinto

Joan, has been teaching fitness classes and her personal-training clients since 1982. She started and co-owned the successful work-out studio, Heavens Fitness, in Calgary. Her background includes a degree and graduate work in physical education, training through the CHEK Institute in San Diego (Chek Level 1, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Golf Performance Specialist) as well as ongoing yoga studies. She recently studied a Eldoa myofascial stretch methodology.

Being over 60 and adapting to the changes that aging brings, she was so inspired by her amazing older clients that she and Vreni documented them, proving that fitness is the true elixir of youth by producing “The Anti-Aging Exercise Solution DVD“. Joan is a perfect living example of what is possible through quality fitness programming and a healthy lifestyle.

Nancy Wong


Nancy has a BSc in kinesiology and has been in the fitness industry for nine years. As a practicing certified kinesiologist she has experience in vocational rehabilitation where she has supported car accident victims to get back to their normal lives. She's also worked with individuals with sports related injuries and general muscle imbalances.

Not only does Nancy have her Level One Golf Fitness Instructor, she won FIRST PLACE at the International Drug Free Athlete (IDFA) Natural Bodybuilding & Figure competition in November 2015, so she knows what it takes to get into incredible shape, and how to lean out. Furthermore, she is a part of the national staff of the Canadian Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby Team. Nancy has been involved since 2009 with their program and is helping them to prepare for success in the upcoming 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.

Virgil Isaacs


Virgil began his career as a personal trainer and exercise coach in 2009. He began with an entry level Canfit Pro PTS Certification and landed a job at a very prominent gym in the Vancouver downtown core. After 3 years of learning the ropes, he realized he wanted to take his knowledge as a practitioner to higher levels.

In 2012 Virgil obtained certifications from the C.H.E.K Institute, the largest internationally recognized education in kinesiology-based corrective exercise, strength coaching, nutrition, and holistic living. He now has the titles of a C.H.E.K Exercise Coach and C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1. Recently Virgil has achieved his Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Level 2 certification, which further engrained his knowledge of movement analysis and corrective-exercise strategies.

Virgil has a very fine-tuned approach to fitness and well-being. His education, experiences with his own body, and those of working with clients have shaped him into the holistic exercise and wellness coach he is today. Through corrective exercise, strength training, cardiovascular training, nutritional coaching, and holistic lifestyle coaching, he is able to bring his clients to the levels of health, fitness, and wellbeing they dream of

Christy Erasmus

Christy L. Erasmus B.Sc Food Nutrition and Health (UBC), Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner ®, C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Coach When I collided with the back of a semi-trailer in 2001 (I don't recommend it), healing extensive soft tissue damage and working with dysfunctions in foundational movement patterns, wasn't common practice. My damaged limbs healed, but limited range of motion and layers of tissue, blood vessel and nerve damage, led to a myriad of other problems—because injury of muscle and bone goes beyond muscle and bone. Repetitious, poor movement patterns didn't help. Eventually, my organs suffered. For years, my body battled chronic inflammation and exhausted all its resources to heal me. I was so fatigued, I became the real life walking dead.

Discovering and completing the C.H.E.K program was a huge step forward in my recovery and I got to work directly with several senior C.H.E.K Practitioners. I gained a deep understanding in food science and human biochemistry in university and volunteered for several Dietitians to observe the clinical side of nutrition therapy. Thereafter, I studied at the school of Functional Diagnostics Nutrition to bolster my holistic approach. As I learned how to heal myself, I learned how to heal others.

My practice is carved from this unique combination of; extended education, personal injury trauma and valuable mentored and practical knowledge, gained working in the fitness trenches day in and out for over a decade. I can help you reduce pain, overcome chronic pain, reduce physical and biochemical stressors, restore hormone balance, detoxify your organs, rebalance body chemistry and improve digestion for optimal health and movement. Using progressive, functional lab work, I can identify healing opportunities and create for you a proven protocol; a natural holistic approach, which yields positive clinical outcomes!

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Mary Ann Gillies


Mary Ann has been a university teacher for 30 years, earning a BA in English from the University of Alberta, and Masters and Doctorate degrees in English from Oxford University. From an early age, she balanced her academic pursuits with active participation in athletics, playing a number of sports at school, provincial and national levels.

Her lifelong interest in how the mind and body work together can been seen in her academic publications on philosophy and literature and her more recent work on neurosciences and literature. Outside of academia, she has pursued her interest in the mind and body in her training as a NCCP certified coach, a meditation teacher in the lineage of Thai meditation master Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo, and as a bio energy practitioner trained by Michael D’Alton.

She brings to her work as a bio energy healer a wealth of life experience and a genuine belief that healing occurs when the mind and body are in balance.

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