Corrective Movement Therapy & Mobility Training


The lipid hypothesis needs to be re-evaluated. It has serious flaws. First of all, it is important to understand that that “risk factor” does not mean the same thing as “cause”. A risk factor is a characteristic that is associated with a diagnosis. For example, for women, being tall is associated with breast cancer. Does that mean that being tall causes breast cancer? Of course not.

Food-Guide Fallacy

Thursday, 29 June 2006

Okay, this may come across as a bit of a rant, but I was researching further last night about traditional diets, and well, I simply can’t understand where the current so-called healthy diet pyramids and food guides are coming from.

What we are being told to eat simply makes no sense. The problem with western medicine is we are missing the forest for studying the trees, and when it comes to health, we are studying disease in order to figure out how to be healthy! Doesn’t that seem a little upside-down and backwards to you?

Food, our raw material

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Back to basics, this week. I’ve been constantly suggesting that we should be eating unprocessed, organic food, but I have never fully explained why this is important to our health.

We replace about 2 million blood cells each second, as well as a large number of muscle cells, bone cells, nerve cells daily. So, what are the cells made from that our body replaces daily? The food that we eat.

If the food, the raw material from which our cells are made, is without much nutrition and filled with toxins, how can our cells build themselves sufficiently to function optimally? If the cells are unhealthy, the systems become unhealthy, and over time, disease results.

Staying limber is key to avoiding the closing down of one’s life due to physical limitations

When I was attending the University of Toronto in Physical and Health Education I remember listening in on a conversation that two of my friends were having. They were arguing about what limits our function more, the lack of strength or the lack of flexibility. Both made very valid points, and at the time I could not determine a winner. They agreed to disagree.

The following body positions most kids can relax in easily, but as adults we may stop being able to do them if we allow our muscles to shorten. That lack of flexibility impairs our ability to move properly making us more prone to injury. So if “relaxing” is not the word you would use to describe these positions, working towards being able to do them easily again may just change your life.

Here are my initial ideas on positions I think we should be able to do throughout our life. Do these in bare feet for best results, and keep any stretch mild.