Corrective Movement Therapy & Mobility Training

“ WOW, that was a thorough assessment! I know I am finally going to get a program that will address my issues properly.”
~ Jordan

Orthopaedic Assessment

We should all be able to enjoy our lives to the fullest, without pain or movement impairments. Age is just an excuse and often is not the reason for pain, movement struggles or health problems. The real reasons are usually fixable and our Assessment is the first step in finding out what your personal reasons are.

Our Assessment includes:

A Health Appraisal Questionnaire

  • Examines all the systems in the body to explore which systems are stressed and may be playing a role in health or pain issues.
  • Helps determine whether lifestyle changes will help you.
  • Key to determining the most impactful approach to your issues
  • This is submitted prior to the initial assessment.

Standing Posture Assessment

  • Posture Assessment from front, back, both sides
  • Measurement of pelvic angle
  • Helps determine which muscles are tight and which are weak

Lying down assessment

  • Is there an anatomical (bone) or functional (muscle imbalance) leg-length discrepancy?
  • Are some of the pain issues coming from the organs, blood vessels or nerves?
  • Do you need visceral manipulation treatments to get better?

assm-posCranium assessment looking at the alignment of the bones in the skull

  • Relevant for TMJ issues, headaches, vision problems, ringing in the ears etc.

Atlas assessment – check the position of the top vertebrae

  • Atlas malposition can be the root cause of a variety of problems in the body including neck, shoulder, low back, pain, digestive issues, muscle excitability etc.
  • (The atlas surrounds the brainstem, so if out of alignment, the functions of the brainstem may be compromised.)

Movement assessment – primal movement patterns are examined

  • How does your brain choose to do the movement?
  • How much range of motion do you have in each of the basic movements?
  • Which movement / activity are you struggling with most?

Local stabilizer assessment (core function)

  • Key to reducing low back, SI joint and hip pain among others
  • You need to be able to stabilize your spine and pelvis while you move your limbs. You can't shoot a cannon from a canoe!

If you are lucky enough to move well and be without pain, the assessment can help us help you achieve your sport or activity goals. From your assessment we create your personalized plan for reducing your pain, restoring your movement, and improving your ability to enjoy your favourite sport or activity.

Is there something you really want to be able to do? Are you willing to do what is necessary? Then why not get assessed and receive your roadmap to your goal.

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