Corrective Movement Therapy & Mobility Training

“ I've stabilized my mood dramatically and also weaned off synthroid and stabilized my thyroid which has been amazing! ”
~ Suzi

Nutrition & Lifestyle

What we eat and how we live our lives can either increase our stress levels and inflame our bodies or can be our best tonic for healing. Every mouthful of food, every bout of exercise and when we go to sleep has an affect on our hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes, which in turn controls our health.

Body inflammation can cause pain which can be impacting movement ability. For example if one is eating a food one is sensitive or allergic to, nerve conduction to muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis can be shut down via the viscerosomatic reflex.

Our Nutrition and Lifestyle program heals your cells, which then heals your systems, and in time, heals you!

Our Nutrition and Lifestyle program includes:

Our Health Appraisal Questionnaire

  • Examines all the systems in the body to explore which systems are stressed and may be playing a role in health or pain issues.
  • Helps determine whether lifestyle changes will help you.
  • Is key to determining the most impactful approach to your issues

Holistic Lifestyle Consulting

  • Lowering body stress levels is one of the most important ways to promote healing and increase body health.
  • Common stressors include dietary stress, hydration stress, circadian-rhythm stress, exercise stress (lack of or too much), toxin exposure stress (chemicals, fungus, mold, parasites), immune-system stress, psychological / spiritual stress, structural stress, financial stress etc.
  • Your Health Appraisal Questionnaire tells us which of your body systems are stressed so we can create a game-plan to help you modify the areas of your life that may be impacting your hormonal system, digestive system, immune system and/or detoxification system.
  • You receive coaching and support as you improve the aspects of your lifestyle that will make the most difference to your overall health and wellbeing.

Our Foundational Nutrition Program

  • The food we eat provides the raw materials from which our cells are made, so if we want to repair our bodies, eating right is critical. We have two options for you to learn the basics.
  • A two-hour online nutrition course entitled "Why the Food Guides are Wrong", which teaches the basics of healthy eating. Once the course is purchased you can view it for up to a year. See more here >
  • Book one-on-one nutrition counselling sessions to learn the basics and to get your specific questions answered.

Personalized Nutrition - for advanced participants only!

Only once you have achieved competence in the Foundational Nutrition Program would you be ready to take your nutrition to the next level. One kind of diet definitely does NOT fit all, and the kind of diet that is perfect for one person might make someone else sick.

  • Take the Metabolic Typing test and to learn which foods work best with your own personal biochemistry, and which foods you should avoid.
  • You learn what ratios of carbs, fats and protein are ideal for you. A person of Inuit descent will need a completely different diet than someone from the tropics. What macronutrient ratio is right for your biochemistry?

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