Corrective Movement Therapy & Mobility Training

“Brilliant session! The work you did on my upper ribs seemed to open up everything, including the energy I was lacking from my cold symptoms. Thank you so much. ”
~ Dave

Get Relief from Chronic Pain

Piercing, stabbing, shooting, burning. Even the language describing chronic pain is distressing. If you've been told that you need to learn to "live with your pain" or believe that you just need to "suck it up", Movement for Living's successful methods have proven that it is possible to swap a life of pain for lasting relief.

The Uniquely Effective Approach to Pain Relief

Movement for Living's unique approach combines leading edge visceral manipulation therapy with corrective movement training. Whether you are suffering from nagging injuries that refuse to heal, chronic neck, shoulder, hip or back pain, migraine or tension headaches, our therapists are often able to help you decrease or overcome debilitating pain once and for all.

To begin your health journey, we do a thorough health screening and orthopedic examination to understand your symptoms and determine the root cause of your pain. We then create your personalized treatment plan – consisting of manual therapy, corrective movement, mobility training and nutrition & lifestyle help – based on these results.

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Pain Relief That Works

Movement for Living therapists have a high success rate which increases your odds of lasting pain relief. Here are some of the reasons why your therapeutic program is more likely to succeed.

  • Personal care and steadfast attention coupled with leading edge techniques established by Movement for Living over the years
  • Movement for Living therapists have successfully helped hundreds of patients
  • Thorough assessment to determine alignment and movement problems as well as the underlying causes
  • Person-centered program that goes beyond your symptoms to consider your individual circumstances and personal goals
  • Manual therapy that addresses your pain as well the alignment and tissue problems ultimately causing your pain
  • Corrective movement & mobility training so you learn how to move with ease and without pain

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