Corrective Movement Therapy & Mobility Training

“ Brilliant session! The work you did on my upper ribs seemed to open up everything, including the energy I was lacking from my cold symptoms. Thank you so much. ”
~ Dave

Visceral Manipulation Therapy

From neck and back pain, headaches, heartburn, constipation and digestive problems, Movement for Living has earned a reputation for successfully treating patients with visceral manipulation therapy for a range of conditions. Movement for Living methods work due to our approach of combining manual therapy and corrective movement sessions.

Get Relief from Pain and Regain Your Flexibility & Strength

The plan that we create for each individual reduces pain and allows your body to regain its balance, flexibility and strength. Your treatment starts with a thorough health screening and orthopedic assessment followed by a personalized care plan based on the results. Your visceral / neural therapist stabilizes your condition and alleviates your pain during the first manual therapy sessions.

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Manual Therapy that Works

Visceral Manipulation is a total-body manual-therapy treatment method that rebalances the structure of all the body systems, including the organs, nervous system, blood supply, as well as the joints, muscles and spine. You experience exceptional results due to the combination of elements that we employ.

  • Steadfast care and attention from your visceral / neural manual-therapist
  • Positive, optimistic atmosphere, reinforcing the Movement for Living belief that with appropriate therapeutic support your body has the power to heal itself and stay healthy
  • Experienced visceral / neural therapists who have skillfully treated a wide range stubborn conditions
  • Unique and highly effective treatment program that combines manual therapy with corrective movement training for better results

How is Visceral Manipulation Different?

Visceral Manipulation, like physiotherapy and traditional healing arts such as yoga and tai chi, addresses the integrity of the muscle system to ensure good health. Visceral Manipulation, however, provides a more comprehensive treatment and far-reaching results because it goes beyond the musculoskeletal system to address the organs, nerves and blood supply.

The human body prioritizes blood circulation and organ function above all else and our muscles and joints are slaves to blood supply and organ function. Visceral Manipulation focuses on finding and releasing the adhesions that are preventing the organs, nerves and blood supply from sliding and gliding within their soft tissues. Freeing up these frequently forgotten structures plays a key role in restoring full range of motion allowing you to kick, bend and move freely without pain and discomfort.

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