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How Movement for Living Came About - The Movement for Living Story

The Beginning

When Vreni Gurd, founder of Movement for Living, started her personal training business in Toronto in 1992, she simply wanted to marry her passion for fitness and degree in Physical and Health Education to get people looking great, feeling well and living life to the fullest.

The experience proved to be an eye opener for the new graduate of the University of Toronto who quickly realized that her clients needed help beyond shaping up and improving their athletic performance. While her growing clientele included people from various backgrounds, she noticed that most were experiencing pain that was impacting their sporting activities and exercise regimens or limited how they conducted their everyday lives.

Creating the Corrective Movement Program

Vreni decided to research the issue and got her first aha moment when she discovered that muscle imbalances usually occur in pairs – weak muscles opposite to tight muscles that limit the range of motion and flexibility. Vreni instinctively understood that to improve the wellbeing of her clients, she needed to address the tight muscles first, in order to be able to strengthen the weak opposing muscles. The result was a reduction in pain and discomfort.

Further research took her to the Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology (CHEK) Institute of San Diego, California, where she learned the importance of posture and movement assessment, as well as nutrition and lifestyle for discovering root causes of people's pain issues. Thorough assessment combined with appropriate movement and lifestyle coaching based upon assessment results is a key feature of the Movement for Living pain relief and training approach.

The Uniquely Effective Approach: Integrating Visceral Manipulation with Movement Therapy and Training

The Movement for Living corrective movement program proved to be successful, relieving pain and discomfort and correcting problems like disk herniations, knee problems, shoulder problems and neck issues. Vreni remained unsatisfied with the results. She knew that the program helped many people quite well, but some people were not responding. What root causes were being missed? Her visceral manipulation studies with the Barral Institute (founded by world-renowned French osteopath and physical therapist, Jean-Pierre Barral) provided the answer.

Vreni learned in her studies that the organs, nerves and blood supply are supposed to move around inside of us to accommodate our movement. If they are adhered and can't slide and glide as they need to when we reach, bend or twist, not only is our range of motion is compromised, but also these tethers may be creating pain and discomfort.

Going beyond the body's musculoskeletal system to address the underlying organs and tissues catapulted the Movement for Living program to another level. Combining the signature corrective movement method with visceral manipulation therapy, Vreni has created a powerful Movement for Living program that often reduces or eliminates chronic pain and restores range of motion.

Movement for Living Therapy & Mobility Training Studio

Five years after launching her business in Toronto, Vreni, in the midst of her research and studies, decided to move her practice to her hometown of Vancouver. She started as a sole practitioner, working with clients in training centres and gyms. “However, the need for a quiet and more private space for better movement-learning led to the birth of a studio for orthopaedic assessments, corrective movement and stability practice. Her capable team of therapists and practitioners broaden the offerings and options for the Movement for Living program.

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