Corrective Movement Therapy & Mobility Training


Pain Level Reduced Significantly
"Hi Vreni, I had a whole day of no pain for all practical purposes. It was so much better. If my pain level had been at an 8 or 9 before, it was about a 2 today - and sometimes less. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way. Thanks so much for everything. Have a great long weekend."
~ Sondi G. - June 26, 2014

Dramatic Improvement Upon Nutritional Consultation
"Well I feel that the eating plan has also been dramatic for me and has given my body the building blocks it needs to repair itself. I've stabilized my mood dramatically and also weaned off synthroid and thyroid which has been amazing! "
~ Suzi - June 16, 2014

Cold Symptoms Relieved
"Brilliant session! The work you did on my upper ribs seemed to open up everything, including the energy I was lacking from my cold symptoms. Thanks,"
~ Dave L. - April 22, 2014

Sensations Are Back To My Leg - Much Improvement
"Also, wanted to tell you my leg has been so much better! It's still got a ways to go, but I am getting so many sensations back in it and areas surrounding. Glute med is actually firing and it doesn't feel quite so sticky! So amazed!"
~ Christy F. - April 17, 2014

Patient Feels Much Better
"OMG Vreni! Saw Geoff today. I don’t know what you did but his body is a different body! It’s way more open and doesn’t looked so stressed out just standing there. It’s like there was a net tied around him, inhibiting his movement, and you cut the ties in just the right places to set his body free. He noticed the change too and feels much better. I’m so grateful to have you to send people to!"
~ Christy F. , Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer - April 17, 2014

Free from 7 Years of Reflux Problem
"I have been suffering from Gastroesphageal Reflux for over 7 years. The doctor's solution which worked for about 6 years has been to take the pill, Prilocec, a Proton pump inhibitor medicine.
So I took Prilosec everynight for years until about 2 years ago when the acid reflux symptoms started to recur with vengeance. Almost daily I would feel the discomfort and coughing and even started to have difficulties sleeping. I resorted to tums, to calm my stomach.Getting comfortable to sleep was a big problem. Even with my head about 20 " off the bed. I was very unhappy and worried that the acid might be doing harm.
The doctor prescribed taking more prilosec and for while it seemed to calm my stomach. But not for long. Then he told me to use Gaviscon and other over the counter antiacid liquids when needed on top of taking 2 or more prilosecs a day. Yet the gas fumes would come out from my stomach and make my throat sore. And coughing. I was getting quite suspicious and worried that, all the medications and remedies were not working.
And my doctor seemed at loss as to what to do, but told me to continue with the Prilosec and I may take it more than 2 a day !!! I was not happy and suspicious this was not a good thing. I had read that Proton Pump inhibitor (PPIs) has negative side effects to it too and prolonged use is not encouraged .I was doing all the correct things to avoid acid reflux, but the gas kept on coming up. xx I was sleeping with double pillows that practically made me sit up to try to keep the gas from coming up my throat. I was losing sleep with gas fumes hurting my throat and that awful feeling of "something sitting just below my chest bones. (I was being careful what I ate, when I ate it and quantity) stopped red wine and coffee.
And not satisfied I shared my problem with Vreni. She checked me over and started her visceral manipulation to release the esophagus (food pipe) and the stomach. It took about 4 sessions and now I am free from any prescribed medicine, and I can sleep lying down."
~ Mamiko V.H. - March 25, 2014

Steady Progress Towards Improving Posture, Range of Motion And Injury Free Life
"I'd be more than happy to recommend you, and Nancy, to potential clients who would like to strive towards their potential - how to phrase that in a sentence or two would be challenging I'm sure.I guess the most important things from my perspective include: having someone gently encourage me to push myself without pushing too hard, always with an eye to correct form, functional strength, conscious of the potential for injury, working with whatever issues exist at any given time (they are always changing), keeping an eye on the long horizon, not "get amazing quickly", but get amazing results over the long haul.slow steady progress towards feeling really great, working on improving posture, range of motion, lifting, carrying, moving, all with an eye to things we can and will do injury free in our lives."
~ Steven - March 8, 2014

Movement Restrictions and Pain Has Been Overcome
"When I first came to Sandra, I had a lot of issues with movement restrictions and pain. Sandra helped me regain my range of motion through stretching and exercises that helped my body relearn to use the proper muscles."
~ Katerina - January 8, 2014

Life Becomes Enjoyable Again
"So, the little things can improve the quality of your life. My knee actually wasn’t a little thing, but I guess in the larger picture it might be. Anyway, now just being able to order any tickets for concerts and sporting events – which is pretty much my life – I can do so without worrying that the seat is not on the aisle and I wouldn’t be able to sit through an entire event. So that might seem like a little thing, but a huge quality-of-life improvement for me. Trust this visceral massage, it works."
~ Howard B - December 16, 2013

Knee Pain Treated Successfully
"No knee pain again!! And I almost ran up the stairs after the 2nd period. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!"
~ Howard B - December 14, 2013

Excellent Presentation In Our Office About Chronic Pain & Correct Posture
"Having Sandra come in to speak to our staff about posture and chronic pain was very valuable. Sandra is well educated and extremely passionate about helping people recover from chronic pain and live a healthy, happy life. She's an excellent speaker who is enthusiastic and encourages participation from the audience, which was well very well received. Sandra was able to explain complex issues in a way that made sense to everyone. I would happily have Sandra come back in the future to speak to our staff about health and wellness related issues."
~ Andrea Frustaci - December 11, 2013

Tennis Game Improved
"Just to let you know. My serving arm was great and still is. My neck is much better & I did not use my racket to pick up any balls and my back didn't bother me. So, thank you."
~ Al H. - October 13, 2013

Pain In The Arm Disappears Due to Corrective Exercise
"Hi Sandra, I am very happy to let you know that my arm is so much better, these set of work-out is worked along with my swimming exercise. The best one is the number 11. I feel instantly better after two days, now I am doing it constantly while I am in office, on the road, while at home just bare handed. It is amazing how the muscle exercise can stop my pain, so a big thank you, you make me feel the hope that my pain problem which lasted over a year will eventually be gone. Isn't that wonderful? Thank you and thank you."
~ Lilian - September 26, 2013

Corrective Strength Training Showing Results For A Runner
"Hi Sandra, I hope your busy Sat is going well! I wanted to drop you a line after today's very awesome run... We came up one very steep hill near the end that usually kicks my butt. This time though, even though I've been on the running side lines for 2 months and only one week back into work outs it was able to do most of it!! I think the strength training with you is showing me results already! Big hooray!"
~ Tracy Page - May 6, 2013

So Much More Than Personal Training
"You are able to analyze a client's body from a functional point of view and customize the best recovery program for them. The unique talent that you (and Vreni) bring to helping people heal or get stronger is your ability to develop programs that incorporate a variety of health recovery and strength building techniques. And both of you provide incredible support. I've often felt that I have a solid team behind me because you both follow up and keep track of my progress on an ongoing basis. You give so much more than personal training. You are a body and life coach."
~ Carolyn - October 14, 2012

Feeling Infinitely Better And Finally Recovering From Post-Natal Weaknesses And Shoulder Pain
"I had a hard time fully recovering from the birth of my daughter, and suffered from agonising shoulder pain as well as pelvic floor weakness for nearly two years. I had received lots of help from various therapies, but the issues kept recurring and I wanted to not only end the pain I was in, but strengthen my body to meet the increasing demands of motherhood. I did not feel comfortable starting a workout program by myself and possibly increasing damage. I was lucky to find Sandra, who began by bringing my body back into alignment through a customized program of stretches, strengthening and core stability. Within six weeks my shoulder pain has dramatically decreased and I am starting to feel infinitely better. I would not hesitate to highly recommend both Sandra and Vreni."
~ Suzi - August 21, 2012

Feeling Healthy For The First Time
"I am working with you guys because you guys ACTUALLY help me. You do full posture measurements that many don't do. For the first time, I feel that someone is actually looking at my body (muscle, ligaments, etc.) and wanting to help based on that. You were the first person who made me notice all my body parts, especially the core, you helped me to feel my body better and you supported my overall posture. For the first time, I actually feel like I am being treated properly: the treatment is ACTUALLY individual and made for just me. I feel healthy for the first time!"
~ Laura Portele - November 3, 2012

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