Corrective Movement Therapy & Mobility Training

Do you want to feel 20 years younger?

“It’s not the years in the life. It’s the life in the years.”
Abraham Lincoln

Are movement restrictions impacting your life?

  • What can’t you do now that you would like to be able to do again?

Are you blaming your limitations on your age?

  • Yet many people your age are moving well, so is that belief really true?
  • If age were the reason, everyone would have your movement problems.

Is pain the reason for lack of ability or is lack of ability the reason for pain?

  • Often pain is due to being too tight or too weak
  • Our muscles have tightened up, so we can’t bend our knees, reach our arms, or twist as far as we used to.
  • Then we lose strength because we are not using full range of motion
  • The expression “if you don’t use it you will lose it” is true
  • So is its opposite. “If you use it again you will regain it.”

The miracle of our bodies is that function can be restored and maintained.

    • Start at your current ability
    • Be consistent – practice daily and be mindful of your limits
    • If you are feeling great and want an exercise program to prevent problems, this is for you as well.

The Anti-Aging Exercise Solution is a complete workout for the exercise enthusiast and the wannabe from age 40 to 100. The power of the exercise is in the details!

The DVD shows you:

  • How to regain or improve your strength and flexibility!
  • The key exercises that target and reverse common postural weaknesses!
  • A full body workout detailing correct technique and common mistakes to avoid

The DVD includes:

  • A step-by-step lecture finding your core stabilizer muscles and why this is important
  • A Warm-up, Learn the Exercises, Workout Routines 1 & 2, and Stretch sections
  • Exercise Levels 1, 2 and 3 provided

Check out the trailer to get a feel for what the DVD is like:

Vreni Gurd 47 years and Joan Santopinto 57 years, have combined their expertise in corrective exercise and group fitness to create this Anti-Aging Exercise Solution DVD. Joan and Vreni are both CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Practitioners helping people daily improve their posture, strength and mobility.

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Equipment Needed:

  • Swiss Ball
  • Dumb Bells (bleach bottles filled with water)
  • Medicine Ball (a bleach bottle filled with water or a dumb bell held end-to-end can work)
  • Exercise tubing or elastic, very light resistance, quite long
  • Block about 1.5 to 2 inches thick (Book wrapped in duct tape). Can be done without but better with.


  • A balance aid, like a broom handle, closet dowel, nordic walking stick, a wall, table, sturdy chair
  • Cheap plastic stackable step-stools as pictured above to decrease height as flexibility and strength improves
  • Weighted bar (level 3). Dumb bells can be used, but that’s harder
  • A light toy ball about 6-8 inches in diameter. A small, thick pillow would work instead.
  • Foam roll
  • A mat

For the Work-outs 1 or 2 done to music, only one set is shown (about 20 minutes), so replay them and redo them 2-4 times to get a full workout.