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Do you want to feel as good as you did 20 years ago? If you have difficulty with or avoid certain movements, we can help.

It is undeniable that our bodies are amazing healing machines. If we cut ourselves, our bodies repair the damage often within a couple of weeks. We can heal broken bones in a couple of months. Even after surgery our bodies do an amazing job of healing so we can carry on with our lives.

Therefore there is no reason to think it would not be possible to improve movement abilities significantly. Age is often used as an excuse, but is rarely the root cause of movement problems and pain. There are plenty of older people that are not impaired by movement issues, and can enjoy their life to the fullest. Why not you?

The question is whether the knee, hip, or back pain is the reason for the lack of ability or whether the lack of ability is the reason for the knee, hip or back pain. More frequently than is acknowledged, the lack of ability in terms of flexibility and strength is the underlying cause of the pain.

From the time one learns to get up from the floor as a child most of us should be able to do so easily until our death. Being able to get off the floor easily in different ways ensures the strength and flexibility needed to participate in large varieties of physical activities that keep our lives interesting and fun, and also can play a big role in keeping pain away.

If the pain came on gradually as opposed to a sudden trauma such as a car accident, it is quite possible that the pain is due to being too tight and/or too weak.

This gradual loss of function is not always an inevitable part of aging, and may be avoidable. The saying "If you don't use it you'll lose it" is true, but so is its opposite, "If you use it you will regain it." The miracle of our bodies is that with good nutrition and lifestyle habits along with consistent, appropriate daily practice targeted to one's current ability, function can often be regained.

Even if the cause of movement restriction and pain was an accident or surgery, these restrictions (usually of the organs, nerves or blood vessels) can usually be resolved with visceral manipulation treatments. For example, if the ligaments holding the liver become too stiff and tight post accident, adhering the liver too firmly to the ribs or diaphragm, one would have difficulty twisting the ribs or raising the right arm fully. This is resolvable.

The primary goal of the Movement For Living Program is to give people their lives back. We want you to be able to move so freely that you forget you have a body.

  • We do a thorough assessment looking for the root causes of the movement restriction.
  • We provide treatment to remove organ and nerve adhesions that are impacting movement.
  • And by receiving your personalized, step-by-step movement program with starting points that anyone can manage no matter what the ability, you can slowly work towards improving flexibility and strength in your goal movement, task or physical activity, feeling success and purpose right from the beginning.
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